WHCC Women Health Care Clinic

Only a woman understands a woman better!

Family oriented environment where patient is part of the decision making process

Surgery Experts

Dr. Vandana Bansal

M.S. (General Surgery), FAIS, FIAGES

Dr. Bansal has more than 23 years of experience in the field of surgery.

She earlier worked with Choithram Hospital Indore and attached to Medanta Hospital and Shalby Hospital in Indore.

A very caring person at heart, she has cured thousands of patients. Almost all her patients are associated with her for life.

A Reiki master herself she has counselled a lot of women for their psychological problems.

Dr Vandana bansal doctor

Dieting Experts

We have a dieting expert with us, who has helped number of ladies to reduce their weight dramatically, without any loss to their health.

Yoga Experts

Our Yoga expert treats with ancient healing techniques. We believe that if you can cure yourself, our job is easier and you won't have any problems in future.